• Reaper535

    Creepypasta is dying

    February 4, 2019 by Reaper535

    Hey last year I discovered so many origin story's but now I can only find remakes! What is happening please help save them so their not forgotten the original ones may be old but no matter how many times we read them they still thrill us. The truth is it I hadn't discovered those stories I would've commuted suicide. They actually encourage me to live and be better. It may.seen like they don't but they.mean so much to me. I promise I won't let them die starting today I will find as many as I can and put them in my.documents. Please don't let them die. Don't let me lose hope.

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  • Jaliawaffles21


    January 24, 2017 by Jaliawaffles21

    Does any one ever wonder if jeff had a soft side i mean seriously every once in a while you gonna enjoy a rainbow or two *raises eye brow* what do you think the creepy pastas would do in their free time besides kill people and eat waffles like seroiusly poor slendy has got to be tired dose any one know that toby is older than jeff who is 13 and toby who is 17 jeff tell toby he cant have waffles funny jeff has to be the mature one but gotta luv the waffle loving boy you cant help butlove him

    btw this is my first blog so please go easy on me

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  • RakeBait


    February 1, 2016 by RakeBait

    I love creepypastas. I read stories about them and even write some fan fics of mine but im starting to have a bit of a problem... Im running out of creepypastas and need suggestions about what to read and/or write about. Any ideas welcome

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  • TheKnow


    January 31, 2016 by TheKnow

    Hello! I'm new to Creepypasta the Fighters Wikia. I hope this year will be the best year, ever! As a beginner, I may need some help along the way, and that will be awesome! Hope this year is goanna be awesome!

    Hopes and Love,


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