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Eyeless Jack was originally a normal, straight-A student until he met a girl named Jenny who was part of a cult gathering about a demon called Chernobog. Jack involuntarily was made the sacrifice to be a son of Chernobog and, in the process, he had his eyes ripped out, which left him with mere, gaping black holes that dripped a black substance. Possessed and in a fit of rage, Jack killed the cult members and ate their organs with his new set of razor sharp, pointed teeth that he was adapt with during the process of the possession. Human organs were his new craving, although kidneys were his chosen favorite. Thus, the terror of Eyeless Jack had begun.

Eyeless Jack typically wears black attire of a dark strapped hoodie with studs along and equally as black pants/jeans. The hood of his ashy black hoodie is typically up and worn over his head, allowing a only minimalistic amount of the shaggy bangs of his urban/copper hair to be shown sprawling from underneath. He also wears black gloves. He wears a blue mask that he took from all the cult members.This is said to be due to his insecurity that he holds about his unnatural, grey pigmented skin tone. His body is that of a teenage boy said to not age even a day after the said 'incident' of his sacrifices

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