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Born with 2 different eye colors, Leilah Silvers (NightShade's real name) was sold to slavery at the age of 10. Couple years later, she murdered her captors, and their children at the age of 17. During her slavery years. she got a scar on her right-blue eye from getting whipped for disobeying the captor's orders. She ended up killing people, because she ended up having Anger Issues, and want's to get rid of it by taking her rage on people. She does it under her name NightShade.

Leilah wears a black sweater, with some blue teal on the hoodie and the strings. For the bottoms, she wears grey pants and some small dark brown boots. On her face is a black bandanna, and on top is a white Beanie hat, with a proxy sign on it. She wears black gloves, but it doesn't show on the picture.


Powers/Weapons: NightShade uses chains for whipping someone.


  • Whips: NightShade whips her opponents.
  • Whipping Twirl: NightShade twirls and make her chains do the same thing.
  • Rolling Chains: NightShade will jump and curl up into a ball, and as she's falling to the ground, she'll take out the chains and whip the opponents harshly.
  • Whips and Punch: NightShade will run in fast speed, and punches her opponents, then runs back and whip the back of the opponents.
  • Crazy Chains: Nightshade will run in front of her opponents, and whip them like crazy!
  • Twirl: NightShade will grap the opponents with her chains, and twirl them. Then she'll run up and kicks them down.
  • Kick 'n Whip: NightShade will whip her opponents face. While they fix their self she will twirl and kick them in the chest.
  • Punch 'n Whip: NightShade will run in front of her opponent and punches them with her gloves multiple times. Then she'll whips them once, really hard, knocking them to the ground.

Special Moves:

  • NightShade can make the chains into 2 chains, and she'll runs up the trees. As she's falling to the ground, she'll raise her chains up and whipped them down her opponent's face and chest.

Creepy Finishers:

  • Madness Whips: NightShade can whip her opponents multiple times, and with enough strength of hers, She'll twirls and whips them, making the opponents split in half!
  • Demon Rage: She can have Whiplash (Her Demon Form) have a turn to attack, by scratching the opponents, flies to the sky, dove to the opponents, and bites their heads off. This can only happen when NightShade is on her Anger Issues.


NightShade will make her chains into a jump rope, and do jump roping.


  • Into Pose: NightShade will take out her chain whip's, and whip the ground.
  • Winning Pose: NightShade will throw her White Bennie Hat in the air, and put it on her head again.
  • Victory Pose: NightShade will run up a tree, and do a back flip. On the way to the ground, she'll pull out her chains, and when she's on the ground, she'll whip the ground, and said "Revenge is always the answer!"

Winning Quotes:

  • "Revenge is always the answer!"
  • "Pain is fun when you do it to someone!"

Arcade Into:

NightShade, aka Leilah, was done killing a family, when she realize that she wants a family that cares for her. Then, NightShade heard about a god that was gathering people to fight, and whoever is the winner, they'll get their wish granted. NightShade was eager to have a family, so she decide to enter.


After defeating Mr. Creepypasta, NightShade somehow ended up in a forest and bump into the Slender man. He told her that he saw everything that happen to her, the Slavery, the Scar, being whipped, everything. He even talked about her Demon Form, Whiplash. As they talked, he ask if she would like to be a loyal Proxy. For a minute, she was about to refuse, but realize that its a family of killers. So she made up her mind, and said yes. Then, she became a loyal Proxy with a family that cares for her.

Theme Song:

NightShade Theme Song: Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez