Reggie by rabbitkit-d62kgnu


Bio: Reggie is a very tall, lanky humanoid creature with mechanical hands. He loves darkness, and to kill his victims in the dark. His only weakness is light, which harms him. 

Powers/Weapons: Aside from his mechanical hands, Reggie can appear anywhere out of thin air that there is absolute darkness or a reflection (mirrors), he can manipulate his victim's minds so they think they see something different, and he cannot be hurt while in the dark.


*Flying Spark: Reggie fires a spark by scraping his hands together and aiming at his opponent.  

*Gutter Poke: Reggie repeatedly stabs his opponent in the gut.

*Blade Swipe: Reggie performs a quick, strong swipe at the opponent with his hands.  

*Blade Spin: Reggie spins like a top with his arms extended, damaging his opponent. 

*Blade Charge: Reggie quickly lunges at his opponent with his hands out. 

*Scrape Kick: Reggie launches at his opponent with his legs. 

*Triple Spark: Reggie jumps high and shoots three shards at once. 

*Air Blade Spin: After a jump, Reggie spins like a top, damaging his opponent.  

*Throw: Reggie lifts his opponent up in a choke, then promptly extends his blades through their face before kicking them off.

*Reverse Throw:  Reggie lifts his opponent up in a choke, then promptly extends his blades through their face then flings them away.  

Special Move: 

*Illuminator: Reggie makes it go dark, and during this stage, he will take less damage.

Creepy Finishers: 

*Don't fear the dark: Reggie laughs before the screen goes dark. Then, we hear the opponent scream in pain. As the lights come back on, Reggie is seen covered in blood, with the opponent's dismembered body parts.

*Tribute to Sub-Zero: Reggie thrusts his hand into the opponent's chest and rips their spine and skull out.

Friendship: Reggie says "Check this out!". Then, the lights go out and Reggie pulls out a scorpion in a jar and turns on a UV light, making the scorpion glow. 

Intro Pose: Reggie appears and sharpens his hands together. He then says "Let's share this dance!"

Winning Pose: Reggie sharpens his hands together.  

Victory Pose: Reggie laughs then the screen goes dark and a subtitle appears that says "Don't be afraid of the Dark". 

Winning Quotes: 

*"I think that look suits you better."

*"Say good night, Gracey."

Arcade Intro:

Reggie is a creature that thrives on darkness. He enjoys murdering his victims in it, for he cannot be harmed in it. But the light is his only weakness. He hates it. However, one day, Reggie got word about a god that was gathering people to fight and the winner would get their wish granted. Reggie's wish to be immune to light. 


After defeating Mr. Creepypasta, Reggie was exposed to the sunlight. However, much to his surprise, it didn't harm him. Reggie was pleased. Now, he could continue his wave of murders without fear of the light.