Fan-made creepypasta.


I haven't got much information about this young girl. I've been trying to gather more and more about her, but none of it is concrete facts.


Hear me out, I just know the story is crazy. Please.. just don't harm her. I know it may sound crazy.. but I'm her dead brother. I can't get to her.. she's.. crazy now as well.


As her sea-blue eyes opened up, she could realize this wasn't her home, rather, an adoption center. "Shit.." she thought to herself, seeing everyone around her wasn't at all her age. "Why do only f**king 4-year-olds have to be here? Why can't 12-year-olds be here?" she mumbled.

As she looked around, she saw her brother Cody. She pulled him out of the adoption center and back to their home. Trying to stay as safe as possible, she called up a Taxi.

The Taxi driver came, but went to the wrong place. Was it a haunted house? Yes. They walked around, the bloody footprints they left behind trailing into the kitchen, where they saw blood writing reading out, "You've made a mistake." It was signed anonymously.

Hours passed and they were stuck there. The spirit of Sunset claw took control of Scarlett. She was insane. She grabbed a crowbar, beating her brother until death.

In an etempt to be forgotten, she killed herself.

Themesong: U suck - Karizma